Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010 – Las Vegas, NV

Since the end of COMDEX, I’ve always wanted to attend the Consumer Electronics Show.   I knew it was big, but didn’t expect it to be as expansive as it was.   I only gave myself two days, which was not enough.   Next year I’ll plan on spending at least 2 1/2 days.  

Registration was quick and easy online.  It is free as long as you do it early enough.   You will receive a badge in the mail, so you only have to go to the badge holder pickup area once arriving. 

Take time before the conference to plan out what areas you want to see.  This will help you bypass all of those iPhone skin displays that seem to take up an entire hall. 

By far the best and most amazing display was Samsung’s.   Showcasing its new LED TVs – both 2D and 3D, the exhibit featured several flowers all focused to a central area.  When standing in the middle of the display, it felt like you were in electronics heaven.


Also notable was the Microsoft exhibit.   I was particularly impressed with the new Windows 7 multi-touch capabilities.  It basically converts your monitor into a big iPhone/iPod Touch.   There will undoubtedly be many new innovations in software utilizing this new functionality.


Another item that had an incredible “cool” factor was the HoloAD.  It basically lets you display your ad in 3-D without using glasses.   The applications for this in the advertising world are endless.


CES Official Website:

Contact Info:
(866) 233-7968

Main Exhibit Halls:
36° 7’55.57″N
115° 9’10.21″W

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