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San Diego Zoo – Wild Animal Park – San Diego, CA

At about noon on Sunday my parents and I were trying to think of something we hadn’t done yet in their many visits to CA.  One of my friends once tried to organize a trip for us to all stay overnight at San Diego’s Wild Animal park, and I remembered that we still hadn’t been there.

It took us less time than expected to get there from Long Beach, as it is 30 miles North of San Diego in Escondido.   We were lucky we didn’t run into much traffic on a Sunday afternoon. 

When arriving it was a bit confusing where to go to get your tickets.  To the left is a stand for memberships, and to the right is the stand for regular tickets.   There are also premium packages available if you want to take a Segway Tour or do the African Safari in a smaller, more personal vehicle.   Since the Zoo is non-profit, the prices are relatively reasonable for the value of the experience.  1 Day Adult tickets were only around $30 with AAA discount.

Upon arrival, I recommend you sit down and one of the tables near the entrance and plan your day out.   The park is unique in that you are a spectator in the natural habitat of the animal.  This makes the facility very large, so be ready to walk several miles. 

The park exudes a natural, peaceful aura.   This experience was unlike any other zoo I’ve been to in the respect that the animals seemed more natural in their large habitats.   It was particularly amazing to watch the gorilla in a more natural environment.   I couldn’t believe how human like their movements are. 

We spent about 4 hours at the park and saw most of the big name animals, but I’d definitely like to go back and spend a full day.  They have a hot air balloon ride that caught my eye (but the parent’s wouldn’t go for it!). 

Official Website:

Contact Info:
15500 San Pasqual Valley Road
Escondido, California 92027-7017
(760) 747-8702

Park Entrance:
33° 5’58.87″N
117° 0’5.40″W

San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park - Prarie Dog

San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park - Giraffe

San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park - Gorilla

San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park - Cheetah

San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park - Lion