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Old Tony’s – Redondo Beach Pier

After a long morning of sightseeing, I needed to grab a quick bite for lunch.  This was the first time I’ve been to Old Tony’s for lunch, however dinner had been excellent in the past.  Located on the Redondo Beach Pier, Old Tony’s is a great spot for those in search of a scenic dining location.  Enjoy hearing the soothing waves break while enjoying your lunch/dinner.     

The decor is circa 1970’s, but the food is A+.  Don’t think I would change the decor – it is nostalgic and just wouldn’t be the same.   If you’re waiting for a table, take a look at the autographed celebrity photos from past distinguished visitors.  Also, the bar upstairs has breathtaking panoramic views.   This is a great place to watch the sunset.  

For lunch I decided to try their charbroiled halibut.  It was a good choice; however I would recommend getting it blackened.  Even though it was 90 degrees out, I still had my favorite salmon chowder.   For dinner, don’t pass up the twin lobster tails.  Don’t know how they prepare them, but they are by far tastiest lobster tails I’ve had.  Make sure to get the smaller tails, and not the one big tail. 

Service is excellent.  Not once did I feel like I was waiting for the waitress in all of the times I’ve been there – even on busy nights.  I would bet that it has always been that way since they opened in 1952. 

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210 Fisherman’s Wharf
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 374-1442


Old Tony's

Old Tony's - Sign

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Redondo Beach Pier

The last stop for the day was to Redondo Beach Pier.  I had a craving for some good seafood, was going to make a stop at Old Tony’s.  There’s a ton of other restaurants as well, ranging from Hot Dog on a Stick to Mexican, to Irish, and everything in between. 

If you have a lady in your group, stop by the Mie Pearl to try your luck at winning her a big pearl.   Basically you pick the clam, and they open it for you.  You get to keep whatever sized pearl is inside.  It’s a little touristy, but fun – especially if you get a large one.  For kids there is an arcade on the ground level.  You can also watch local fisherman catch fish (if you don’t mind the smell of the bait).  Once we saw a fisherman pull in a large sting ray.      

 The pier was built back in 1889.  It’s gone through several iterations due to storms and fires; most recently being rebuilt in 1995.  It was used many times in filming of the hit TV series “The O.C.”.  

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Redondo Beach Pier

Redondo Beach Pier Entrance